Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Paradox NOW

I knew of Octavio Ocampo (b. 1943) and his right -left mind - brain boggling (or blogging?) art. But I was surprised to find his prints freely flowing in the Tijuana's markets. See for yourself.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In stead of

I dig words, not for a living but merely for fun. Acutely aware of the unlimited restrictions bounding language I choose to use them to free the imagination.

What is the method?

First, you may tray slapping words in one's face. This is highly effective in those rare instances when one gets a loud "slap" confirmatory sound, which takes not only practice and patience but also requires willing subjects. One may be lucky enough to have one of those three, but to have all three of them at once is exceedingly rare nowadays.

So, we are left with the alternative non-slapping words in one's face methods According to this one, as it is alternative, the first step is to master the main non-main stream meanings for each and every word, i.e. alternative meanings, which are to be always used instead of the main meaning. Communications constructed according to this principle will never be what they will seem to be (even if they will appear to be so).

A typical example:"The Art of History Taking". What could it mean?

History as in history of the gentiles as taken by a historian, medical history as taken by a physician? Or history taken by a medical student with a doctoral degree in history? Who is taking what from whom?

Consider this: the art of history taking takes not only practice and patience but also requires willing subjects. Especially the willing subjects' part is tough as history subjects are theoretical entities; they lack, if you will, the power of will.

I hope this clarification about how to make it confusing helps.

© Copyright Adrian Preda, M.D.

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